A Personalized Ad Strategy Makes the Difference


Engage with their audience through personalized, dynamic ads
Run ads that support their business model, show their brand, speak to their audience


Online shopping isn’t new and neither are ads. Now it takes 11 touches for a potential customer to become a buyer. Each step of the funnel has to speak to a brand’s customers.

This client knew Facebook ads could financially impact their business and help them scale. They didn’t have the resources to manage it in-house so they sought marketing agencies to help them achieve more in less time.

However, the ads and strategies the agencies used were generic. It was as if no one took the initiative to find out who their target audience is and how best to reach them.

In working together, this Flairst client experienced record-setting ROAS and revenue through a very personalized and strategic ad strategy for their unique audience.


increase in loyalty audience


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“It was great to have an ad company that was invested in what we do and how our branding is very specific and our audience is very particular.

What we found with other agencies is we spent the same amount of money but they didn’t understand what our brand was.

We provided all the assets for them and all of the copy for them and they were basically plugging it into their system but they weren’t building out a whole ad program for us.”



In joining forces with Flairst, this client experienced ROAS of ____ and ____.

When they launched a new product, they made $__K in ___ days.
With a personalized ad strategy, they increased their loyalty members by 600% in _five_ months and increased the monthly spend of the loyalty members.
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