It’s not just ads.

The average conversion rate of purchase is 2.6%. In other words, with 100 users a day, this translates to about 2.6 purchases.

Today’s customer needs an average of 9.5 website visits before they make the commitment to take action or complete the sale.

Additionally, the average number of abandoned carts versus purchases is 70%. These are not friendly stats. However, this one is: as of January 30, 2020, the average internet user spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day.

So, success isn’t impossible. All it takes is a bit of work.

The best part about digital advertising is that everything is trackable which allows us to reach more users and larger audiences to make more connections than we ever could do organically.

Flairst’s goal is to get users through your sales funnel as quickly as possible at the lowest cost and we use our years of experience to figure it out for your business.

It’s not just ads. It’s the magic you have created for your business organically and your engaged audiences. It’s integrations, strong analytics, site speed and quality, excellent user experience, fantastic images of desirable products, social proof, a fully merchandised website, timely emails and social media posts. And, finally, ads. That’s where Flairst comes in.

Join us and let’s take your magic to the advanced level. (And yes, we Googled it. “Advanced” is a level with wands and staffs. Legit magic.)

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