We sure think you’re great.

Like seriously.
Learning about businesses is our favorite thing.

As of today, we aren’t a perfect business match but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t be in the future. We are holding out hope! There are certain features that make a business a good match for Flairst and our scaling capabilities.

When to hire us:

You have a proven product!

It serves your audience authentically and organically and your brand resonates. You’ve figured out your brand story and who to tell it to.

You also have all of the data!

In order to properly optimize and scale with swiftness and profit, there is a certain amount of data necessary for an advertising platform’s machine learning to do its job. This means you need a seasoned Facebook Pixel along with a CRM and sales process to properly collect as much sale and customer data as you can. You need enough of that data going through the funnel in a 7-day period of time. Enough traffic, enough leads, enough purchases. The data bar? A bare minimum of 50 events of each step in your funnel per week.

You have enough people to do all the things!

Infrastructure is paramount to scaling. Growing means more business and more business needs more people. Mission critical recommendation and requirement for our right client: you must have a web developer at your beck and call along with kick-ass customer service and support.

Your finances are stacked and ready.

Social media advertising means paying to put your product or service in front of people who are interested and ready to buy. You have to be making enough revenue to keep your business going and have a robust ad spend budget (6-10% of your monthly revenue) and investment into working with us (agreements start at $6500 per month). Scaling requires having the revenue to invest back into your business. The cool thing is if the ads are strategic and optimized, your ROAS or return on ad spend, will recoup the cost of the ads plus lots more.

Let’s get you growing!


Are you a new business trying to navigate your visual brand strategy?

Your Brand Spark with Calvina

For new or fresh business owners, your concept or ideas are still in the works! Kickstart your brain and your business with a confident and unique brand voice that speaks volumes about your ideas.

Do you dream of scaling but haven’t been able to figure out all of the above?

STAK Marketing

For established businesses who need help with growth so they’re ready to scale (think this list above). STAK is a boutique marketing agency that loves to make small businesses come to life.

They’re here to help you take care of the marketing stuff, so you can take care of your customers and focus on doing the things that make you and your business awesome.

Need to get your head on straight for business? Get support!

Lyn Christian

Lyn Christian is the badass coach you’ve always wanted on your team. She has 15 years of practice coaching individuals to rise to and then surpass their expectations. Backed by certifications, testimonials, and invitations to speak at TEDx and to the press, Lyn has made it her personal passion to bring out the potential in others.

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