Flairst’s Five F’s to Give an F About in 2021

Goodbye year of chaos! Hello year of growth(?)!

If we learned one thing in the hot mess dumpster fire that was 2020, it’s that we don’t have an endless amount of energy, time, or brainpower (or Fs, as we like to say) to give.

We have a limit and since we’ve probably surpassed the limit 10 fold by now, we need to be specific and careful to protect the fs we have.

We don’t feel qualified to direct your personal life but if it’s business Fs you’re looking to focus on, we put together Flairst’s Five Fs to Give an F About in the new year, just for you.

1. Finances

As business owners, we wear lots of hats and while we ourselves can hack the financials, kinda (haha!), we have found quantifiable success in hiring a numbers whiz to manage it for us.

Unless it is absolutely your thing, it’s better off your to-do list and managed by someone who lives for spreadsheets and budgets.

👉 Remember: time is valuable and you need to be doing the work that no one else can do.

Look into hiring a CPA, bookkeeper, numbers expert, or math nerd friend that has had a budget since seventh grade. Keep track of numbers like net revenue, gross margin, expenses, hourly rate, among others.

Knowledge is power.

Already have your finances figured out? Get an outsider’s opinion on things. It can be helpful to get fresh eyes.

Not in a place to hire it out yet? Get really set with processes and procedures so all your financial ducks are in a row for when you are ready to take that next step. Keep reading for our ideas on where to give your other Fs.

2. Feelings

We all got em and it’s best to take care of them, which is taking care of yourself before they consume you.

Running a business is stressful! And exciting! And scary! And joy and pain and then there is all the real-life stuff.  It’s better to be emotionally grounded in your power instead of letting your feelings be the driver, especially when it comes to business.

Emotional regulation is the goal. This does not mean controlling or dismissing feelings. Humans have thousands of thoughts per day. We are feeling machines that think, not the other way around. So, what to do?

Identify your feelings, meditate, know when to express yourself, share with friends, and loved ones who understand, connect with a therapist or business coach, exercise, and SLEEP.

Sleep does not change everything but being well-rested sure does one feel less strung out. When you are regulated and grounded, you can better direct your life.

3. Focus

It might seem counterintuitive but refining your business scope – focusing down on the services you offer and what types of clients you want – will make growing easier.

Narrowing your focus can set you apart as an expert. Less department store, more boutique. First up, your services.

You cannot be everything to everyone.

There are not enough hours in the day or brain cells in the head to do it. Figure out what you do best, perfect your processes and procedures, and stick to that. The same thing goes for the client type.

What you do and how you do it serves a specific sector of clientele (or it should!) and that sector should be the target. When you are clear on your services and clients, it becomes so much easier to build out various things like marketing strategies and processes and procedures.

More on that below!

4. Framework

Once you have assessed the finances, feelings, and focus, framework is up next.

A business with solid and efficient processes and procedures is a business ready for and capable of handling growth.

So get after it! This could include:

  • customer or client relationship management platform (CRM)
  • task and project management
  • joint calendars
  • communication expectations
  • contracts
  • addendums
  • team policies
  • task processes and procedures

Everything needs a place to live and be. And please take advantage of the tech available for these types of things. They can make things so much easier. Take time for backend “housekeeping” and maintenance and be on the lookout for ways to optimize and improve efficiency. It’s worth it!

We LOVE Airtable, Dubsado, and all the Google things. Not sure what to use? Find local rockstars in that field, treat them to coffee and a pastry and ask to pick their brain. You might find someone ready to help your business grow, which leads us to…

Find your people

Building a business is great but, in our opinion, the team is the best prize. It is impossible for one person (or even two) to fulfill every responsibility to run a business so we have to rely on others to make things work and grow.

When you get to the point where you need help, it’s best to start with a list of tasks. No one has your brain and knows everything you do. Your needs and expectations should be clear for everyone involved. And it’s more than just employing capable workers. Just as we do for ourselves, we want our team to work from their strengths.

Our goal has been to find people who share our enthusiasm for doing good, quality work, and zest for life, and are eager to learn. It’s a bonus when they share our affinity for gabbing, funny gifs and sharing all the feelings. Don’t expect your team to love your business as much as you do but it is amazing when they do.

Hot tip: scour your business Rolodex and reach out to business contacts for team possibilities.

As the leader, you are also in charge of setting a business culture and this is an important step because it will affect how the team functions and relates. Good begets good, kind begets kind and the same goes for support, understanding, and care.

We are sending the strongest, most positive business growing vibes your way. It’s hard work starting, building, and growing a business. Don’t get discouraged when your success isn’t perfectly straightforward. Keep going. Don’t stop.

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