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Digital Ad Client Manager Contractor

Our remote digital marketing agency is looking for another Digital Ad Client Manager contractor to join our team! Applicants can expect 10-15 hours a week to begin and train with increasing hours as full position responsibility is achieved. We are looking to onboard July 2022.

As a Digital Ad Client Manager, you will be in charge of managing the daily to-dos of client needs – including:

  • Weekly meetings
  • Communication updates
  • Co-coordination of ad spend budget
  • Manually building out ad strategies within ad platforms created for the client
  • Continually updating campaigns as needed using our collaborative platform to share information with our team and the client

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Client communication
    • Client point of contact
  • Meeting management and agendas for both internal and client-facing
    • Must attend weekly client meetings and ads team meeting
  • Manage ad campaigns
    • Execute and implementation of strategy
    • Collaborate on strategy
    • Monitor building status for pending ads
  • Monitor ad platforms
  • Manage internal platforms and processes
  • Collaborate with Creative/Media Buying teams
  • Manage and delegate copy/ad building as needed
  • Manage client data analytics reporting

Background/Experience we are seeking in candidates:

Potential team members should be curious, detail-oriented, and hardworking. We love transparent, authentic, honest self-starters who are action-oriented and good at communicating.

Specifically, we are looking for candidates with knowledge about the internet, online shopping, social media, and websites. A background in online businesses and digital marketing, including having ad platform experience, is a gigantic plus.

You must be skilled in email, Google docs, Dropbox, and other platforms and apps. Soft skills in the Adobe Suite and Canva are excellent.

About the Company:

Flairst is a digital advertising agency focused on scaling women-led DTC ecommerce businesses through omnichannel strategy and implementation.

Flairst was created by business soul sisters with a combined online work history of 24+ years. As their client list has grown so has their team which is spread across the country. It’s a friendly, supportive work environment filled with goal-oriented people.

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