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We are Jessica Gleim (sounds like slime) and Amy Christie. Our duo began as any great love story — at an entrepreneurial conference. Not very romantic, but a match made in heaven.

We united in our love of creative thinking, life enthusiasm, problem-solving, business, parenting, networking, and jibber jabber. And thus, Flairst was born.

Together we have over 20 years experience in the digital world.

We are passionate about problem solving, thinking creatively and working with our clients in meaningful and purposeful ways. Helping other build and achieve their dreams makes our dreams come true.

Jessica Gleim

CEO, Co-Founder of Flairst

In the beginning, it was Jessica the graphic designer. And then it was Jessica the digital marketing expert. But after Jessica’s son was born in 2016 she quickly realized she wasn’t meant to be in business alone. The only way she could thrive as a mom and a digital entrepreneur was to find a professional partner. Cue – Amy.

Jessica is passionate about helping moms (including herself) feel confident in their role as a professional and a parent. And at Flairst, that means you might see a child run through the background of a Zoom meeting. But the beauty you get from us – our incredible mom brains.

She enjoys talking, researching, problem-solving, strategy, and education. She’s the person you go to when you have an idea or don’t know what to do next.

Jessica’s claim to fame: in the late 2000s the Jonas Brothers used her Christmas Card design from Shutterfly.com and it was featured on the Huffington Post.

On the weekend’s Jessica spends time in the mountains with her family either skiing or hiking. She’s passionate about finding gratitude in everyday moments.

Amy Christie

COO, Co-Founder of Flairst

Amy Christie has been dreaming and creating for as long as she can remember. Homemade Barbie houses and handmade cards to the pottery class the first semester of college that set her on a course to seek a creative occupation. She sees the potential for innovation just about everywhere.

In 2010, she started a blog knowing nothing about anything so she taught herself. Coding, site building, photography, social media, content writing and everything in between and she LOVED it all.

Another aspect of Amy is her constant need to figure things out and organize it just right because, yes, there is a better way to do most things and she WILL figure it out. Partnering with Jess allowed Amy to continue in work that makes her smile while stretching and growing her skills in a bigger, better way than she ever imagined.

Amy is the mother of three wildly exuberant children whom she loves enormously and who exhaust her endlessly. She likes farm-grown strawberries, reading, traveling just about anywhere and listening to favorite songs on repeat, much to the annoyance of others.

Laura Becker

Digital Marketing Director

Laura Becker joined the team in 2019 and has been loving every minute of it! Laura has a background in merchandising and marketing and enjoys the constant challenge of the world of digital advertising.

Each day is an opportunity to learn something new! Laura loves collaborating with clients to help them achieve their goals. As a mom of two spirited boys, she is an expert in rolling up her sleeves, digging in and just making it work.

Her hobbies include playing and teaching piano, watching broadway musicals and traveling.

Laura’s guilty pleasure is watching cheesy rom-com movies and her biggest fears include the three Bs: bugs, bicycles and birds. She hopes to someday conquer her fear of the bicycles, but bugs and birds are out of the question!

Katie Truman

Networks and Operations Specialist

Katie came to Flairst in 2019 with a passion for small business owners and a whole bunch of tech savvy. She gets abnormally excited when it comes to solving problems. Everything from integrations, systems, and general business streamlining.

On top of being a total nerd, Katie loves to flex her design muscles. She loves creating websites, sales pages, and graphics.

When she’s not working, you’ll likely find her hiking with her husband and 3 kids. Her interests include cooking, HGTV in general, and tending to her massive plant collection.

Kinnie McEvoy

Creative Director

Kindred Rayne is our newest team member and we are so excited to have her warm spirit and designer eye at Flairst. After spending 10 years with an innovative e-commerce stationery company, Kinnie and her family recently relocated to their beloved hometown.

When not working, Kinnie spends her time learning and facilitating activities that combine her passions for art, community building, social justice and personal development.

Oftentimes her hands are covered in some type of art supply. Kindred is a lifelong vegetarian, analytics and visualization nerd, embarrassingly fun mom, coffee addict and lucky wife of an amazing chef.

Jenny Moyle

Ad Optimization Specialist

Jenny Moyle is new to Flairst and joined at the end of 2020. Jenny has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communications with various clients but took a hiatus for a short time while her son and daughter were infants. She is very excited to be back in the marketing world because finding new ways to communicate and reach customers is a passion of hers.

Her husband is also in the marketing world so they often find themselves having conversations to solve problems and communicate creatively in different ways.

Solving problems is always in the back of Jenny’s brain. She loves to figure out ways to be more efficient and organized and most of her life is run through spreadsheets. Dorky, but it works! She also finds a lot of joy in being with her family, working on home improvement projects, cooking, traveling, and finding a great deal.

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